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Serving private clients, religious institutions, studios, municipal clients, and museums.

How We Work

Daniella Peltz Stained Glass provides a comprehensive set of services to the owners of stained glass windows. These include anything from photography to work specifications, conservation and restoration of old windows to the design and fabrication of new windows. A full list is available on our 'Services' page.

The major tenet of our practice is every object must be assessed on its own merits, and our recommendations and actions tailored to the unique needs of each. Every window, new, old or in potentia, will receive an individualized plan aimed at reaching the best possible end result

We always seek to work cooperatively with all parties involved in a project -- from stakeholders to architects, conservation experts to community members -- to come to an ideal and and effective result, while consistently remaining an advocate for the needs of your stained glass. 

We are committed to actively pursuing the highest of ethical principles in everything we do. This includes following the ethical and practical guidelines of the Corpus Vitrearum, the International Institute for Conservation (IIC), the American Institute for Conservation (AIC), the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, and the international charters on the conservation of historic properties. 

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