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Daniella Peltz

Daniella Peltz looking out over the apse, Cologne Cathedral

I am a stained glass conservator, consultant and artisan with more than twenty years experience in the field. During my career I have worked with museums, cathedral studios, and private studios in Europe and the United States, and am well versed in conservation practices, techniques and ethics. I have been fortunate to be able to actively participate in all aspects of both the fabrication of new installations and the conservation of historic stained glass windows from the 12th through the 21st centuries. This has given me insight into the structure and techniques of stained glass of all eras and a broad foundation of expert, in-depth knowledge from which to draw in solving the unique issues and problems that arise when working with my clients' windows.  


I am always trying to expand upon the skills and expertise I gained during my years of hands-on work. That is the reason I earned my Masters Degree in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management from the University of York in the U.K., in 2012.  Additionally, I remain up-to-date with emerging techniques and practices through participation in professional conferences, staying current with emerging literature, and exchanging information with my many professional contacts in the Unites States and abroad.


In everything I do, the technical and intuitive knowledge of stained glass generated by my years of hands-on practice, are underpinned by a broad understanding of conservation ethics, architecture, historic preservation, past-practice, current best-practice, and creative problem solving gained through education, exchange and research.


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